The customer agrees to return the vehicle in the condition that it was delivered with all items supplied.
Any damage what so ever that happens during the time that the vehicle is in the customers care will have the repair work estimated and the customer will be charged at the time of return.
Insurance is supplied with the vehicle with a $2,000 deductible.
Further insurance can be purchased at $12 / day that will lower the deductible to $250.
The company will be reimbursed for any loss of income resulting from damage caused while the vehicle was in the customers care.
No unauthorized repairs shall be made by the customer. The company should be notified of any problems and instructions will be given.
The customer understands that the first 120 kilometers per day is free with each additional kilometer charged at 25 cents per.
The vehicle should not be used for any illegal purpose, on unpaved roads, to tow or push anything or by any driver not authorized by the company.
The vehicle will be returned with a full tank of fuel/gas.
Through insurance regulations the fridge is only authorised to be used on electrical inputs.
The customer agrees that the vehicle was delivered in clean condition and will be returned in the same condition.
The camper is a non smoking vehicle.
The customer agrees to pay for any cleaning deemed necessary by the rental company.
The customer acknowledges having been shown the oil and coolant level filling procedures and accepts responsibility for regular checking and adding fluids as necessary
Late returns of the vehicle will be charged at 25% of the day rate during the first hour , 50% of the day rate during the second and the full day rate after.
The rental deposit will be returned after the vehicle comes back and the camper has been inspected, usually 24hours.
Any refunds for lost time due to mechanical problems will be reimbursed in extra time either during this trip or for future trips.
Cancellations made within 60 days of the rental will be eligible to use the deposit for future rentals. No refund.
Before 60 days of the rental a $50 admin charge is charged.

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